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Crotty Galvin Weekend Moyasta 2015

I returned to Garrihy’s Pub in Moyasta in the last week of August 2015.  I blogged on this last year and really nothing much has changed.

It benefits from being held in a remote part of West Clare and being off the Festival circuit map. There were quite a few visitors from other counties this time however and if anything the sessions were of better quality.  The Sunday afternoon session was particularly memorable.  How could it not be with Andrew MacNamara, Eileen O’Brien, Carmel O’Dea, Anna Falkenau, James Culinan, Noel O’Donoghue, Paul Gallagher, Geraldine Cotter and Angela Crotty among others.  The workshops were great.  A lovely hour for me with Vincent Griffin on the fiddle.  All the things I remember from last year were there.  Endless supply of sandwiches,  enthusiastic punters, dancing and relentless sessions.  A really good wind down of the Summer Festival Season.  Well done again to the organisers.   Just a few photos to tell the story.

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The Crotty Galvin Music Weekend

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Last weekend I headed out to Moyasta for the Crotty Galvin Traditional Music weekend. It’s a mouthful I know and I don’t blame you if you dont know where Moyasta is. I didn’t. Head out to Kilrush on the south western tip of Clare and a few miles further on you’ll find it. But dont blink. There’s one pub and a school.

I have been to many festivals this year (small and big) but nothing really prepared me for Moyasta. Everything happened in Garrihy’s Bar. There were two session locations in the front bar and for much of the weekend there was continuous music in one or both. In fact in the time I was there the music only stopped for the All Ireland Hurling final. (For the record it was a breathtaking draw between Kilkenny and Tipperary that had the nation captivated).  In the back was a large cavernous room with a small stage in the corner. There were continuous events there including more formal miked up sessions, ad hoc concerts and dancing. There didn’t appear to be a fixed programme and things just happened.

On the Saturday I played in the front bar from 4pm until I called it quits at 1230, That’s 8 ½ hours pretty much without a break. It went on to the small hours I believe. The session (or ‘sessiun’ as they call it in this part of the world) had a peculiar dynamic to it and as people came and went it ebbed and flowed sometimes the music being absolutely brilliant and at other times delightfully messy. It was a pleasure to play there although the pub got noisy and at times you could hardly hear yourself no one seemed to mind. Even the out of time bodhran playing was tolerated!

This was as close to an authentic rural Irish festival I have seen and as far from the Fleadh Ceoil as you could possibly get. One venue, so you missed nothing. Not a hint of commercialism. Just good honest craic. No big imported names and predominantly just locals from West Clare. There were drinks on the house for the musicians and an endless supply of delicious sandwiches, not just for the players but for the punters too, all coordinated by an amazing hard working committee. It had the feel of one big old fashioned house party where even the gate crashers were invited in.

Thanks to everyone who made me feel so welcome and to the many new friends I made. A definite for next year. The battery went dead on the camera so only a few pics but I’m sure you’ll get the feeling for the weekend from these.

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