Crotty Galvin Weekend Moyasta 2015

I returned to Garrihy’s Pub in Moyasta in the last week of August 2015.  I blogged on this last year and really nothing much has changed.

It benefits from being held in a remote part of West Clare and being off the Festival circuit map. There were quite a few visitors from other counties this time however and if anything the sessions were of better quality.  The Sunday afternoon session was particularly memorable.  How could it not be with Andrew MacNamara, Eileen O’Brien, Carmel O’Dea, Anna Falkenau, James Culinan, Noel O’Donoghue, Paul Gallagher, Geraldine Cotter and Angela Crotty among others.  The workshops were great.  A lovely hour for me with Vincent Griffin on the fiddle.  All the things I remember from last year were there.  Endless supply of sandwiches,  enthusiastic punters, dancing and relentless sessions.  A really good wind down of the Summer Festival Season.  Well done again to the organisers.   Just a few photos to tell the story.

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