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William Kennedy Piping Festival Armagh

The sounds of the Ennis Trad 21 had hardly faded away and I found myself heading to Northern Ireland for the 21st William Kennedy Piping Festival. Piping you say? Well it wasn’t just pipers and I was attracted by the list of performers which included Dezi Donnelly, Mike McGoldrick and Peter Carberry along with a who’s who of piping and the chance to session with a variety of new musicians. And to visit another country.

I arrived just in time on Friday night for what they called a ‘Hooley’. This involved simultaneous concerts at three venues within the same theatre complex. A great idea and a chance to catch at least bits of every act. Highlights for me were the exquisite combination of box and pipes of Peter Carberry and Padraig McGovern, a great set from Tola Custy, Laoise Kelly and Cormac Breatnach with Tiarnan O Duinnchinn guesting and of course Dezi Donnelly, Mike McGoldrick and John Joe Kelly. Electrifying!

The remainder of the weekend involved a fiddle workshop (of course) with Tola Custy who was in great form and then sessions in cafes and pubs and an Uillean Pipe concert in the Cathedral and well, more sessions. The Cathedral was a fantastic venue for the pipe concert, though the night was cold and many of the pipers had trouble with their tuning. This aside two and a half hours of pipes was a little too much for me though there is no doubting the quality of the music.

On Sunday morning I needed a break and took a drive to Dungarvan and the through the Armagh countryside. Much more ‘English’ than Clare with grand homes, very ordered fields and the last vestiges of autumn colours appearing on the nearly bare trees. It was on the way back that I came into contact (nearly literally) with Road Bowls. I will blog on this separately, but it was a great insight into a pastime that I am told is mainly practiced here in Armagh and in Cork.

Back to town for the best sessions of the weekend. At Turner’s I joined the McCusker family, three sisters (Brenda, Marlene and Donna) and brother Paddy playing fiddle, concertina, box and guitar. They are from near Armagh and Brenda told me that there were two other musical siblings in Belfast and Australia! And that between them they have 19 children, most of whom are learning trad instruments. Wow! What a musical dynasty developing here. I am seeing this all over Ireland and it is just tremendous for the future of Irish music. This session was a treat for me and the other visiting musicians which included four pipers (naturally). After this folded I was privileged to join a session in the same pub with Tiarnan O Duinnchinn on pipes and fiddler Danny Diamond among others. This was the icing on the cake for a fabulous afternoon of music but I had to drag myself away for the long drive back to Caherush – getting home at 1 am.

After what started out fairly indifferently for me, turned out to be a fabulous weekend. Now I definitely need a rest!

IMG_0837 IMG_0840 IMG_0862 IMG_0864 IMG_0869 IMG_0871 IMG_0889 IMG_0899 IMG_0916 IMG_0955 IMG_1022 IMG_1131 IMG_1139 IMG_1140


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Ennis Trad 21 – My Thoughts

It’s been a week since it ended and I have had a bit of time to collect my thoughts. I’ve said before what a great Festival it was, as have many others, but I have tried to identify what it is that made it so special for me.

This is not going to be a review – others have spoken of the fantastic concerts by the headline acts Steve Cooney and Seamus Begley, Tradivarious and Lumiere, of the smaller concerts given during CD and book launches with Richie Dwyer, the Boruma trio, the boys from Monaghan with the Dear Dark Mountain and Tara Breen’s new band being highlights, of the TradDisco and the Riches of Clare and of the wonderful and eclectic sessions that were happening everywhere.

This is my first Trad Fest and ever since I arrived in Ireland in May for the Fleadh Nua, everyone was telling me “Oh, you need to go to Ennis Trad Fest”. So expectations were high. I have been to 20 Festivals in the last six months – so I think I am in a position to see what has worked and what hasn’t.  I am going to generalise here but for me the larger Festivals such as Willie Week and the Sligo Fleadh Ceoil didn’t always deliver. They were great experiences, from a cultural and musical perspective, but accessing sessions was a real challenge and some of the carry-on of the participants marred the experience. By and large I enjoyed more the smaller festivals such as Feakle, Tulla and Moyasta as it was easier (it’s all relative) to get a seat at the table and so much easier to meet people. The Summer Schools such as Drumshanbo, Tubbercurry and Achill were different again. Drumshanbo with its hot weather attracted great musicians and sessions spilled out onto the streets while at Achill it was hard to find a session as there were very few participants other than the students and tutors (but what a location). So when people ask me “which was the best?” I just can’t answer it . It sounds like a cop-out but they all had something such that I went away happy.

So Ennis Trad 21 sits somewhere in between Miltown and Feakle in size but it had a very different vibe. It was like a family reunion in some ways. Many people are return visitors and only come to this festival. It is popular with both locals and visitors some of whom have been coming for years. So it needs to be said that despite the much publicised difficulties of the past couple of years the spirit of the festival is rooted in a successful formula that started over twenty years ago and that the current organisers appear not to have dabbled with. A few changes around the edges but it is still the same festival that brings people back year after year. The current organisers are to be congratulated for this and so too should the organisers and committees of past years who have built up the ‘brand’ so to speak. It is worth noting that the place was pretty much booked out before it was even confirmed that the festival would go ahead. That doesn’t happen by chance.

For me the fact that this was a ‘special’ festival was apparent from the very first session on Thursday to the last note played on Monday night. In my short time here in Ireland I have made many musical friends and this Festival made me realise how important that is to enjoying the musical experience to the fullest. A music festival is not just about the music you hear or make but how you fill the spaces between the music. There was such a sense of goodwill and around the place that it was so easy to make new friends and aside from the much spoken about issues at the Cooney/Begley concert (wrong location perhaps?) there was not the negative influence of the, shall we say, over-excited crowds of visitors seeking a different kind of craic, that was a feature of Miltown.

This was a musicians’ festival. Up to twenty session venues many happening at the same time so no lack of choice. But Festivals require listeners and there were plenty of those and for the most part respectful. The town was buzzing and the Festival created a positive feeling everywhere around the place. Cafes, and shops were doing a thriving business.

There were so many highlights I can’t begin to mention them but one of the striking features for me was the accessibility of the musicians. I met Steve Cooney! A bit of an Aussie legend and it is a little hard not to be a bit star struck. But it wasn’t just about the big names. I so enjoyed playing music and the friendship of the wonderful musicians many of whom call Ennis and Clare home and it confirmed in spades my decision to base myself here. For me the session that encapsulated the whole experience was in Kelly’s Bar with Clare musical ‘royalty’ Andrew MacNamara, Joan Hanrahan, Brid O’Gorman, Eamon Cotter and Geraldine Cotter and an assortment of visiting players from Germany, Belgium, France, UK, Spain and even Australia and who knows where else playing some of the best Irish music you will ever hear. It had everything.

Those of you following me on this blog will have seen some posts of photos from the various days. I will repost just a few of my favourite shots here that I think capture the essence of the festival. They are not necessarily of famous musicians but of people having a good time. This for me was Ennis Trad 21.

See you next year.

IMG_8178 IMG_8488 IMG_8547 IMG_8590 IMG_8630 IMG_8682 IMG_8893 IMG_8940 IMG_9558 IMG_9589 IMG_9705 IMG_9946 IMG_9987

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Ennis Trad 21 Days 1 and 2

Just catching up on some posts.  Here are some of my photos from Days 1 and 2.  Most I have already posted to Facebook though there are a couple of new ones.


IMG_8584 IMG_8580 IMG_8436 IMG_8416 IMG_8332 IMG_8547 IMG_8540 IMG_8322 IMG_8292 IMG_8488 IMG_8464 IMG_8282 IMG_8279 IMG_8451 IMG_8146 IMG_8157 IMG_8178 IMG_8195 IMG_8213 IMG_8262 IMG_8264

IMG_8630-001 IMG_8590-001 # IMG_8653-001 IMG_8682-001 IMG_8700-001 IMG_8790-001 IMG_8888-001 IMG_8893-001 IMG_8940-001 IMG_8991-002 IMG_8644

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Ennis Trad Fest Day 5

It’s over.  That was some Festival.  I have been to 18 Festivals and Schools in the last six months and I really have to say this was right up there. I will blog on this in more detail some other time but for the moment let me congratulate the Committee for carrying it off and for fulfilling the expectations of the many who have travelled from all parts of Clare, the rest of Ireland and the globe to be at this Festival which over the years has cemented a special place in the Irish Music calendar.  Here are a few photos from Day 5.  I will repost Days 1 and 2 soon, as I only put them up on Facebook.  See you next year!

IMG_9918 IMG_9920 IMG_9926 IMG_9946 IMG_9953 IMG_9961 IMG_9962 IMG_9965 IMG_9969 IMG_9976 IMG_9983 IMG_9987 IMG_9993 IMG_0013 IMG_0015 IMG_0024 IMG_0033

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Ennis Trad 21 Day 4

Here is a selection of images from Day 4.  Please share if you want to.


IMG_9496 IMG_9498 IMG_9516 IMG_9524 IMG_9536 IMG_9541 IMG_9554 IMG_9558 IMG_9589 IMG_9636 IMG_9697 IMG_9705 IMG_9745 IMG_9818 IMG_9827 IMG_9829 IMG_9838 IMG_9860 IMG_9867 IMG_9898 IMG_9909

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