A New beginning?

It’s a cool showery Perth Saturday and in between the showers my former life is disappearing in boxes into a shipping container. The container is rapidly filling with the accumulation of things that represent a lifetime of collecting, hoarding and acquiring.  I can’t let go so I will pay to have it stored until who knows when.

Plan B has become Plan A. Unable to find any work since being ‘let go’ last July I am off to live in Ireland for a while. Maybe six months. Maybe longer.  I want to discover the country, the people and most of all the music. And after forty years of struggle, to finally learn to play the fiddle properly! And where better than Ireland to improve my photographic skills?

Whatever won’t fit into two bags stays behind. Not easy for me but I’m sure I’ll adjust to the simpler lifestyle.

I leave for Dublin on Wednesday.  Then Țullamore and Ennis.   Beyond that nothing is planned.

Drop back every now and then and I’ll try and keep up regular posts on how it’s going.

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