Doolin Folk Festival 2015. People.

A festival such as Doolin is obviously about the music. But it’s also about the people.

That people of all ages and from all parts of the planet, enjoyed themselves at Doolin is beyond question. What has been created here is an atmosphere where everyone can be part of the festival on their own terms.  Families, people who just want to listen, people who want to party.  All the little spaces around the marquee create that ambience.  You can curl up on the couch or sit around the fires or sit in the front row and hear and watch every note or just catch up with friends.  Or make new ones.  Or you can chat to the musicians that stay to listen.

When I wasn’t photographing musicians, I turned the camera in other directions. I think  I have caught some of these moments.

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14 thoughts on “Doolin Folk Festival 2015. People.

  1. Very nice Bob! Thank you for sharing your perspective; beautiful shots. You really captured the spirit of the occasion.

  2. Oh but the eye of ya Bob!! FAB photies of a WONDERFUL weekend. Thanks a thousand. A. xx

    • Oh thank you so much Anne. Hopefully the photos are a reminder for those who were there and for those who couldn’t be perhaps they can get a little taste vicariously through these images.

  3. Every shot is more powerful than ten videos.. hard to do that. Maith thú..

    • Thanks Eoin. Your support and that of the whole Clare trad community has meant a lot to me. I’ve started work on the book.

  4. noirín

    Brilliant photos,capturing the moods,atmosphere,the ‘ wholesome’, the craic, the fun, the ‘soul’!
    Well done for having such a wonderful eye!

    • Thank you so much Noreen. It’s great to get feedback. That’s what I try to do with my photos – capture that moment so words aren’t necessary.

      • noirín

        Elmo had a ball, he’s looking forward to spirit of folk in dundeery park in sept! And maybe the secret village festival if he’s allowed to go. Yr blog is great, keep up the great work. As Declan o Rourke says, BIG LOVE!

      • Say Hi to Elmo. Hope celebrity isn’t going to his head. I have a few other photos of him I will send when I get a chance. Take care you don’t come down with Festivalaria like I have.

  5. My goodness, you do have the fun! Really nice to see a shot of yourself in there too 🙂

    • Yes I do don’t I.
      That shot was taken by her friend who grabbed my camera and clicked off a dozen shots. Only a couple worked.

  6. Lorrie

    Hi Bob, great blog and photos. I have a nice shot of yourself that I´d like to send you. Hot here in Germany- coming back to Clare in 2 weeks to cool down:)

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