Fleadh Nua 2015 Day 3

A much brighter day Tuesday with the storms and freezing wind of the day before somewhat abated. So off to the Café session at Food Heaven. This is a large modern café with plenty of room for the musicians, today led by Murty Ryan and Desi Kelliher. These sessions continue to be well received by the punters.

The Riches of Clare concert was moved to the Sanctuary Night Club behind the Queens Hotel due to overcrowding at the Museum. I had misgivings about how an acoustic gig would work in this cavernous space but the sound was great. It certainly helped having musicians of the quality of James Devitt, Christy Barry, Conor McCarthy & John Faulkner. It really was lovely music with two terrific songs from John. Great to hear Christy play Christy Barry Nos 1 and 2.

I skipped the Fionn Seissun today but there was an early session at Knox’s with Hugh and Eric Healy, Brian O’Laughlin and Caroline. Brilliant stuff. Clogher Road got yet another airing! Then it was on to Cruises again to finish the evening with Quentin Cooper and Eoin O’Neill and the usual mob of reprobates.

You can feel the build up to the weekend as more musicians arrive every day.

IMG_0852 IMG_0827 IMG_0846 IMG_0868 IMG_0880 IMG_0894 IMG_0907 IMG_0924 IMG_0927 IMG_0943 IMG_0021 IMG_0041 IMG_0055 IMG_0062 IMG_0123 IMG_0129 IMG_0141 IMG_0151

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One thought on “Fleadh Nua 2015 Day 3

  1. What’s with this weather, eh?! A bit tired of it now really. Go on over to my repost won’t you…there is a message for you to check out. Hope you are well Bob. Talk soon. Melissa Xx

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