Brogan’s Bar Ennis

On Saturday 14th February Brogan’s Bar in Ennis will change management.  Over the last five decades it has been a go-to traditional music venue in this town and has achieved legendary status with Irish musicians all around the world.  Two of it’s regular stalwarts, Eoin O’Neill and Quentin Cooper,  had their last session there on Thursday.  It was a wonderful celebration and a fitting farewell.  I will have more to say on Brogan’s and what it meant to Ennis and traditional music in Clare and beyond in an upcoming blog and I will include a selection of my best photos from the last nine months, but in the meanwhile here are some images from that last magic night.

IMG_3101 IMG_3104 IMG_3112 IMG_3124 IMG_3130 IMG_3138 IMG_3168 IMG_3180 IMG_3189 IMG_3219 IMG_3232 IMG_3238 IMG_3309 IMG_3314 IMG_3329 IMG_3352 IMG_3360 IMG_3386 IMG_3422 IMG_3454 IMG_3492 IMG_3545 IMG_3551

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2 thoughts on “Brogan’s Bar Ennis

  1. I love how you capture emotion so well. The mix of black and white and color is a lovely contrast.
    So, no more trad? That seems sacrilegious, but I won’t jump to any conclusions.

    • Thanks Melissa. We’ll see. Another spot will take over I will be interviewing some of the leading musicians in Ennis to get their views on Brogan’s and try and understand the history and the attachment to the place to compare with the outsider’s (my) view. By the way I loved your post as to why you live in Aran. So honest and heartfelt. I understand exactly what you say. Some say I am brave for uprooting myself and reinventing life in Clare but you are doubly so as you have a young family and have chosen to live in such a remote place. Hat’s off to you……

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